If you host a site on a server, it makes use of the server's shared IP - a unique number which is used to identify any device connected to the World Wide Web. The website name that you use for the site is for easy accessibility and convenience of the site visitors, but on a lower level, their Internet browser connects to the IP of the server. Since there're far more sites than IP addresses, shared website hosting servers use a single IP for multiple sites even in case they are owned by separate users. Even though this does not affect your website performance directly, having a dedicated IP can slightly increase the loading speed of a website, granting it superior positions in search engine results. Such an IP is essential for the setup of an SSL certificate too, so when you want to protect the payment or login data that your website visitors enter, you will need an IP alongside the SSL.

Dedicated IP Address in Shared Hosting

Using a shared hosting account on our cloud platform, you're able to obtain a dedicated IP and assign it to any domain or subdomain with a few clicks wherever your account is - in the United States, Great Britain or Australia. This is done from the Hosted Domains part of our intuitive and user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel where you can also keep track of what IPs are available, what are in use and what websites they're assigned to. If you wish to use an SSL certificate in order to secure the info of your site visitors and you get it through our company, our system can assign a dedicated IP and install the SSL for you, so you will not need to do anything manually on your end. Meanwhile, you may still have a website in a subdomain as an add-on to the main one under a shared IP address - a discussion board where users can share opinions about your services, for example.

Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia Control Panel, that is provided with our semi-dedicated server plans, will make it very easy to buy a dedicated IP and use it for each website that you have in your account regardless if it is under a domain or a subdomain. With only a few clicks you'll be able to order the IP and once our system assigns it, you'll be able to set it for one or multiple websites through the Hosted Domains part of the Control Panel. In the same location you can also find what IP is used by each domain or subdomain, a list of the dedicated IP addresses as well as if and what website they're assigned to? Provided the IP you will need is for an SSL certificate, you'll be able to take full advantage of our useful SSL wizard that will make the whole process really easy since it'll request and assign an IP to the preferred domain/subdomain and then set up the SSL without any action on your side aside from placing the order.

Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Servers

In case you purchase a dedicated server, you probably want to run some web app or host a number of sites, so we supply three dedicated IP addresses gratis with each and every plan and you can use them the way you like - a software server, an SSL certificate, even child name servers for a domain name which you've registered here or via another company. The aforementioned option is really helpful in case you use the dedicated server to host customers' Internet sites considering that it will give you trustworthiness and anonymity as a website hosting supplier. The server billing Control Panel will make it easier to add additional IP addresses as well - the upgrade comes in increments of three and takes just a few clicks in the Upgrades section, so you are able to go ahead and use the new dedicated IPs a few minutes after you send your order.